Chairman: Ron Miller

Company Secretary: Pam Parker

Fund Raising and Social: Stuart Sweetman

Finance: Mick Goodson

Green:  Ron Miller

Property: Brian Roberts
Bowling: Alan Frost

Housekeeping/Welfare: Carol Rowell

Child Protection Officer: Shirley Breeden

Social Committee Chairman: Stuart Sweetman

BCA Delegate: Barbara Belcher

Membership Secretary: Bryce Corp

Local Sports Council Delegate: Mick Goodson









President:                           John Holmes
Vice-President:                  Ric Anthony
Captain:                              Kevin Wheeler

Vice-Captain:                     Brian Roberts
Secretary:                          Brian Roberts

Match Secretary:              John Bradbury

Finance Officer:                Mick Goodson

Cttee Members:                Alan Frost

                                           Roy Knowles


Sub-Ctte Members

Competitions:                   Alan Frost

Selection:                          Kevin Wheeler
                                           Brian Roberts


Surrey County BA:             Ron Miller

Sutton & Dist. BA:              Brian Bilham


North Downs Mixed Triples

League:                              Ron Miller

Tons League:                     John Holmes

Sutton & Epsom Bowls:     Ron Miller

President:                          Maggie James
Vice-President:                 Morag Frost
Captain:                             Maureen Knowles

Secretary:                          Pat Thorpe
Vice-Captain:                     Carol Rowell

Match Secretary:               John Bradbury 

Finance Officer:                 Mick Goodson

Cttee Members:                 Gloria Corp

                                            Barbara Belcher

                                             Liz Grover

Sub-Ctte Members
Morag Frost
Selection:                           Carol Rowell
                                            Maureen Knowles



County WBA:  Vacancy

MSL:                                   Morag Frost

Key Holders - who live nearest the Club (if you are trying to get in and the Club is locked)

Ric Anthony
Gloria Corp

Bryce Corp
Terri Peskett
Carol Rowell
George Seaborn
Chris Walsh.

Their telephone/contact details are available on the lists provided by the club and in the fixtures booklet. Please ensure you bring either/both of these documents with you.
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