Chairman: Mr R Miller

Company Secretary: Ms P Parker

Fund Raising and Social: Mr S Sweetman

Finance: Mr M Goodson

Green:  Mr R Miller

Property: Mr B Roberts
Bowling: Mr A Frost

Housekeeping/Welfare: Ms C Rowell

Child Protection Officer: Ms S Breeden

Social Committee Chairman: Mr S Sweetman

BCA Delegate: Ms B Belcher

Membership Secretary: Mr B Corp

Local Sports Council Delegate: Mr M Goodson









President:              Mr A Blanshard
Vice-President:      Mr J Holmes
Captain:                  Mr R Anthony

Vice-Captain:         Mr K Wheeler
Secretary:               Mr B Roberts

Match Secretary:   Mr D Monkhouse

Finance Officer:     Mr M Goodson

Cttee Members:     Mr A Frost

                                Mr R Knowles


Sub-Ctte Members

Competitions:      Mr A Frost

Selection:             Mr A Blanshard
                              Mr J Holmes


Surrey County BA:   Mr R Miller

Sutton & Dist. BA:    Mr B Bilham


North Downs Mixed Triples

League:                  Mr R Miller

Tons League:          Mr J Holmes

Sutton & Epsom Bowls:  Mr R Miller

President:                Ms C Rowell
Vice-President:       Ms M James
Captain:                   Ms M Frost

Vice-Captain:           Ms M Knowles
Secretary:                Ms P Thorpe 

Match Secretary:     Mr D  Monkhouse

Finance Officer:       TBA

Cttee Members:       Ms G Corp

                                  Ms B Belcher

Sub-Ctte Members
Ms M Frost
Selection:                 Ms C Rowell
                                  Ms M James



Surrey County WBA:  Vacancy

MSL:                           Ms M Frost



Key Holders - who live nearest the Club (if you are trying to get in and the Club is locked)

Agis Christopoulos
Donald Rooney

Bryce Corp
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