Banstead Neville Bowling Club
2019 Holiday – 19th to 23rd August
Warners Bembridge Coast Hotel, Isle of Wight


I am now planning next year’s holiday, and will make the initial reservation while we are on the island in August. I would be happy to hear from members who are not part of this year’s group and are interested in joining us for 2019. This is not a bowls tour; we play one match against the Warners Bowls Club team and we have our own bowling competition for those who wish to participate, which involves a 2-hour session each morning. The rest of the time is free to tour the island or use the on-site facilities.

The price includes room, breakfast and evening meal, and access to the wide range of activities on site. You can find more details at

Prices for 2019 are as follows:
Standard Mews or Ledge House room with single occupancy £305 per person (no supplement)
Standard room in the main hotel with double occupancy £305 per person
Signature room in the main hotel with double occupancy £345 per person
Royale room with double occupancy £365 per person
Captain’s room with double occupancy £435 per person
Supplement for a patio, balcony or sea view £20 per person for each
There is a supplement of £120pp for single occupancy of the rooms in the main hotel, but Warners give us an allowance of rooms without supplement, based on the number in our party. When I know the final numbers I calculate the charge. Also, the ferry charge of £55 per car is divided between all participants.

I make the ferry bookings, but you need to organise your own transport. If you are driving, you just need to give me your car registration; if you are not driving your own car, you will need to negotiate a lift with a driver as I am not able to arrange this for you.

If you would like further information, please call me on 01737 361642 or email to .
Pam Parker

Members are reminded to take note of the use of protective mats when the notice is displayed adjacent to Rink Booking Diary and or also on the door of equipment shed.

This picture shows damage to the green that can occur when bowls are released high above the ground.  The subsequent bounce causes a tearing of the surface of the green. It mainly happens when the surface is soft e.g. after rain or watering. If you are aware that you bowl in this manner or play with someone who does you are requested to put down the green protecting mats even if the notice is not on the equipment shed door.



A list of Key Holders who live nearest to the Club is at the bottom of the OFFICIALS page. Just in case you are trying to get in and find the Club locked.


Fish & Chips Supper    First Friday of the month.



To date the club had 130  playing members and 63 social members  14 new bowlers had been recruited, all recruited by personal contacts. It was again recognised that this was the best way to recruit for the Club and would be followed up next spring with the membership.



Banstead Neville Bowling Club - full list of activities are listed on the SOCIAL page. 



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