Our Coaching Capability



Banstead Neville Bowling Club has a very active coaching team with 1 ladies coach and 3 menís coaches.  We provide free coaching at all levels from beginners through to experienced players using many aids including videoing.  Our aim is to get all players able to bowl with a consistent line and length and to enjoy the game by playing well.

Any member who wishes to become a coach should contact one of the existing coaches to ascertain how to achieve a coaching qualification.


With our beginners courses we ensure that a new person to the game achieves a good action quickly so that they can integrate immediately with club members and feel comfortable with their play.  These beginnerís courses can either be arranged individually or in small or large groups.  We also teach the basic rules of the game and how the game is played. 


We also provide if requested coaching for experienced players who wish to improve and extend their game and remove any bad habits. 


Barbara Belcher      020 8642 0148
Ron Miller                01737 358311
Alistair MacLennan   01737 211588

Gloria Corp                01737 370826
Carol Rowell              01737  370633


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